Welcome to No ABD for Me

Yeah! Congratulations, you’re almost done with your coursework and so now you’re beginning to get serious about your allusive dissertation topic.  The looming dissertation is the last, albeit rather large, hurdle you must move through before you earn that title of Doctor. And you’ve worked too hard to become an “All But Dissertation” (ABD) statistic.

No ABD for me…No ABD for me…No ABD for me…

Is this your mantra? Do those around you keep reminding you to push forward? While I’m sure you’re enjoying the journey, at some point the attitude is “I just want to finish!”

I’ve decided that in order to streamline my ability to mentor you through the dissertation mentoring process I will post my tips for getting through the dissertation journey here on this blog. My hope is help you answer the question, “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer?

How do you eat an elephant/finish the dissertation? One Small piece at a time; from NoABDforme.wordpress.com
In this blog we’ll break the elephant (dissertation) into smaller pieces so that it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

Whether you’re a Walden University Dr. D Mentee or you found this resource by accident, let’s do this!

~Dr. Darci


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