Dissertation obstacles

I extended a challenge to some of my course work students to study this photo (that I took in Jamestown, Virginia) and had them each share a quote about the PhD journey that might go with it. I love how the wall and the tree seem to be connected…I’m actually unsure of which came first; The goal or the obstacle? Obstacles are really growth opportunities, even if at the time we don’t see it that way!

As you study this photo, I’m sure you can think of all sorts of analogies for this photo and your Walden life; but know that the road to finishing your PhD will be bumpy, but that the obstacles in your way will provide growth. And growth, no matter how slow, is happening, and will make a difference long-term; just like the connection between this wall and tree.


I also think the juxtaposition of the old brick fence and the modern metal fence (in the background) might lend itself to some philosophical discussion too! Anyone want to chime in?

The wind,

~Dr. Darci


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