Power of Google Scholar for PhD Students

If you haven’t yet harnessed the power of Google Scholar, you need to. There are lots of little ways that Google Scholar can help you find what you are looking for, and to help you reach “saturation” of the literature. Walden library suggests you use Google Scholar to supplement your database searches, not replace them!The Power of Google Scholar for PhD Students

#1 Tip: Pay attention to the links under the citation.

Use the “Cite” link to find the APA formatted reference. Always double check it, as it may not be exactly right, but its a good place to start. And you can also import the reference information into various bibliography software programs.



Next, learn to utilize the “Cited by” link. This allows you to access all the articles which have referenced this article. This feature is great if you have an article you LOVE, but it wasn’t published in the last five years. Visiting the “Cited by” link, may lead you to more recent articles.

Cited By_GoogleScholar

Another way to further explore a topic is to use the “related articles.”


Tip #2: Link Walden Library to Google Scholar

Our Walden Library has a page dedicated to using Google Scholar. It includes links to how to link the Walden library to your searches in Google Scholar, as well as the benefits and limitations of using Google Scholar.

Tip #3: Sign Up for Google Scholar Email Alerts

Writing a dissertation takes time. And it is possible that after you’ve written your literature review (or while you are in the process of writing it) that a new article is published that should be included. Did you know you can have Google Scholar send you email alerts for specific searches? Here is Google Scholar’s directions on how to do it. 

Google Scholar Links You Should Visit

Google Scholar Overview (Walden Library)

Nine Tips for Google Scholar that every PhD student should know

Directions from Google Scholar on how to set up alerts


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